Paignton And District Fanciers Association Show
Date:  11-Jul-01
Place:  Paington, England
Show Type: Championship Show
Mr G Slater
Challenge Certificate

Dog Class Entries(Dogs)
Dajean Red WarriorBest of Breed  
Dajean Red WarriorBest Dog  
Ch Copperfield SnuffletoffleBest Bitch  
Iron Bru Bruno of DayjarisReserve Best Dog  
Jalanath Harmony of RodekesReserve Best Bitch  
Coxellot Molly MaloneBest Puppy  
Cathaljay InchmurrinOpen Dog 3 (2)
Copperfield SnuffletoffleOpen Bitch 6 (6)
Dajean Red WarriorLimit Dog 3 (2)
Jalanath Harmony of RodekesLimit Bitch 2 (2)
Sopheley So Phar So Good at ChevalPost Graduate Bitch 2 (2)
Iron Bru Bruno of DayjarisPost Graduate dog 3 (3)
No EntriesNovice Bitch  
No EntriesNovice Dog  
No EntriesJunior Dog  
No EntriesJunior Bitch  
Coxellot Buttons and Beaux by FlintstockPuppy Dog 3 (3)
Coxellot Molly MalonePuppy Bitch 4 (4)
Coppefield CiceroMinor Puppy Dog 1 (1)
Cathaljay BronteMinor Puppy Bitch  

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