Midland Counties Canine Society
Date:  25-Oct-01
Place:  England
Show Type: Championship Show
Mr Derek Higginson
Challenge Certificate

Dog Class Entries(Dogs)
Bulcasimir the GreenkeeperBest of Breed  
Bulcasimir the GreenkeeperBest Dog  
Bulcasimar Sweet Savannah of JudamarBest Bitch  
Alkenrow BackdraftReserve Best Dog  
Jalanath Kissing the PinkReserve Best Bitch  
Copperfield CiceroBest Puppy  
Bulcasimar Sweet Savannah of JudamarOpen Bitch 10 (7)
Alkenrow BackdraftOpen Dog 11 (6)
Jalanath Kissing the PinkLimit Bitch 9 (9)
Tartuffe Pilmuir EssbeejayLimit Dog 4 (3)
Wyburn Phizz at PatchingsPost Graduate Bitch 8 (7)
Kataladian Magnum ForcePost Graduate dog 8 (7)
Bulcasimir the GreenkeeperJunior Dog 7 (5)
Brinscall BlissJunior Bitch 6 (5)
Copperfield CiceroPuppy Dog 1 (1)
Cathaljay Chloe Over MolosserPuppy Bitch 10 (9)
Jenny WrenMinor Puppy Bitch 7 (6)
Tartuffe Gee N Tee With GrallonMinor Puppy Dog 4 (2)

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