City of Birmingham Championship Show
Date:  30/08/2003
Place:  Birmingham, England
Show Type: Championship Show
Mrs M Everton
Challenge Certificate

Dog Class Entries(Dogs) Photo
Rodenca bellerusBest Working  
Rodenca bellerusBest of Breed  
Rodenca bellerusBest Dog  
Ferdhu Miss Bee HavedBest Bitch  
Oldwell Forget Me NotReserve Best Bitch   Y
Ferdhu RostarReserve Best Dog   Y
Big An BeautifulBest Puppy  
No EntriesVeteran Bitch  
No EntriesVeteran Dog  
Oldwell Forget Me NotOpen Bitch   Y
Rodenca bellerusOpen Dog  
Bulweilian Cool Man Of NoddstrickleLimit Dog  
Mascona PandoraLimit Bitch   Y
Cathaljay Lucilla for KnightmystPost Graduate Bitch  
Ferdhu Jack The LadPost Graduate dog  
Ferdhu HudsonJunior Dog  
Ferdhu Miss Bee HavedJunior Bitch  
Big An BeautifulPuppy Bitch  
Wherewithall JasperPuppy Dog  

All Results shown are only the main prize winners and 1st place in each class.
I would like to hear from any reader of this page on any Bullmastiff UK Show Results shown or not shown.
I would also like to know if any of the dogs Pedigrees are correct
Also for any general constructive comments please contact,
meitza bullmastiffs