Bullmastiff Society of Scotland
Date:  20-Oct-01
Place:  Cochrane Hall, Alva, Scotland
Show Type: Open Show
Ms Leigh Thomson
Challenge Certificate

Dog Class Entries(Dogs)
Bogatyr Izniibbz of BunsoroBest In Show (Breed Show)  
Tartuffe Pilmuir EssbeejayReserve Best In Show (Breed Show)  
Bogatyr Izniibbz of BunsoroBest Dog  
Tartuffe KarinaBest Bitch  
Tartuffe Pilmuir EssbeejayReserve Best Dog  
Bunsoro Hot Shot of FerdhuReserve Best Bitch  
Aralders Dougies GirlBest Puppy  
Perchance to DreamVeteran Bitch 1 (1)
AbsentVeteran Dog  
Bogatyr Izniibbz of BunsoroOpen Dog 3 (1)
Bunsoro Hot Shot of FerdhuOpen Bitch 5 (5)
Tartuffe KarinaLimit Bitch 3 (1)
Arrancraig Murphys LawLimit Dog 3 (1)
Ultraglen Eclipse With OsagePost Graduate Bitch 3 (1)
Tartuffe Pilmuir EssbeejayPost Graduate dog 4 (4)
Zinnibar Zack of the GroveGraduate Dog 4 (3)
Swan DancerGraduate Bitch 4 (4)
AbsentNovice Dog  
AbsentNovice Bitch  
Tartuffe Galaxy at MeitzaMaiden Bitch 2 (2)
AbsentMaiden Dog  
Dreadnot Nearly an AngelJunior Bitch 5 (3)
Dreadnot GabrielJunior Dog 5 (2)
Badina Major MortonBest Puppy Dog  
Aralders Dougies GirlBest Puppy Bitch  
Aralders Dougies GirlPuppy Bitch 2 (1)
Arrancraig EnchantressMinor Puppy Bitch 2 (2)
Badina Major MortonMinor Puppy Dog 3 (3)

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