Bullmastiff Society of Scotland Championship Show
Date:  15/03/2003
Place:  Cochrane Hall, Alva, Scotland
Show Type: Championship Show
Mrs Margret McNaught
Challenge Certificate

Dog Class Entries(Dogs) Photo
Ferdhu RostarBest of Breed   Y
Ferdhu RostarBest Dog   Y
CH Optimus HollyBest Bitch   Y
Quillmyr Red CavalierReserve Best Dog   Y
Aralders Baal Hill DancerReserve Best Bitch  
Maskeen ManifestoBest Puppy  
Leyrigg Canny Kirsty for BraeaaronVeteran Bitch  
No EntriesVeteran Dog  
CH Optimus HollyOpen Bitch   Y
Arrancraig Murphys LawOpen Dog  
Bogatyr Tsar SultanLimit Dog   Y
Aralders Dougies Girl at CairnmountLimit Bitch  
Badina Major MortonPost Graduate dog   Y
Aralders Baal Hill DancerPost Graduate Bitch  
No EntriesGraduate Bitch  
Quillmyr Red CavalierGraduate Dog   Y
Ferdhu What A MadamDebutant Bitch   Y
AbsentDebutant Dog  
No EntriesTyro Bitch  
Jacobite JimTyro Dog  
Miss Jena of BryanyNovice Bitch  
Jacobite JimNovice Dog  
Ferdhu RostarJunior Dog   Y
Ferdhu Heavenleigh for BraeaaronJunior Bitch  
Maskeen ManifestoPuppy Dog  
Ferdhu Miss Bee HavedPuppy Bitch  
Ricci Red AlertMinor Puppy Bitch  
Meitza Bertram BearMinor Puppy Dog  

All Results shown are only the main prize winners and 1st place in each class.
I would like to hear from any reader of this page on any Bullmastiff UK Show Results shown or not shown.
I would also like to know if any of the dogs Pedigrees are correct
Also for any general constructive comments please contact,
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