Bournemouth Canine Association Championship Show
Date:  11-Aug-02
Show Type: Championship Show
Mrs Edna Evans
Challenge Certificate

Dog Class Entries(Dogs) Photo
Colom GuyBest of Breed   Y
Bakewood Koh-i-noorBest Bitch   Y
Colom GuyBest Dog   Y
Alkenrow BackdraftReserve Best Dog   Y
Ashton LundyReserve Best Bitch  
Alkenrow BackdraftOpen Dog   Y
Murbisa ChanceOpen Bitch   Y
Colom GuyLimit Dog   Y
Bakewood Koh-i-noorLimit Bitch   Y
Colom GuyPost Graduate dog   Y
Ashton Penny PitstopPost Graduate Bitch  
Bournevalley Magic LadyNovice Bitch  
Cadenham Polmeneth Desert FoxNovice Dog   Y
Coxellot Ultimate DreamJunior Dog  
No EntriesJunior Bitch  
Oldwell ChristianPuppy Dog  
Judamar Boo Boo at DajoxxPuppy Bitch  

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