Bullmastiff Association Show
Date:  02-Dec-01
Show Type: Championship Show
Mrs Zena Thorn Andrews
Challenge Certificate

Dog Class Entries(Dogs)
Bulcasimir the GreenkeeperBest In Show (Breed Show)  
CH Jalanath Harmony of RodekesReserve Best In Show (Breed Show)  
Bulcasimir the GreenkeeperBest Dog  
CH Jalanath Harmony of RodekesBest Bitch  
Dreadnot Nearly an AngelReserve Best Bitch  
CH Humeston Tartan TerrorReserve Best Dog  
Arrancraig EnchantressBest Puppy In Show (Breed Show)  
Ricci Jamaican SpiceVeteran Bitch 7 (3)
Dajean DreamboatVeteran Dog 4 (2)
CH Humeston Tartan TerrorOpen Dog 10 (10)
CH Jalanath Harmony of RodekesOpen Bitch 15 (9)
Brinscall BlissLimit Bitch 11 (9)
Xander of the WoodbullfarmLimit Dog 12 (12)
Gilcliffe Gran Turismo at DreadnotPost Graduate dog 10 (10)
Aralders Ardent DancerPost Graduate Bitch 10 (6)
Brinscall Huckleberry of EvenstarGraduate Dog 3 (2)
Ashton LundyGraduate Bitch 8 (4)
Dreadnot Nearly an AngelTyro Bitch 2 (2)
AbsentTyro Dog  
Tartuffe MagellanNovice Dog 2 (1)
Oldwell Forget Me NotNovice Bitch 5 (5)
AbsentMaiden Dog  
Poledra Towny from KadcrufMaiden Bitch 2 (1)
Bulcasimir the GreenkeeperJunior Dog 11 (8)
Dreadnot Nearly an AngelJunior Bitch 10 (9)
Badina Major MortonBest Puppy Dog  
Arrancraig EnchantressBest Puppy Bitch  
Mascona PandoraPuppy Bitch 8 (7)
Tartuffe Gee N Tee With GrallonPuppy Dog 3 (2)
Arrancraig EnchantressMinor Puppy Bitch 10 (6)
Badina Major MortonMinor Puppy Dog 6 (5)

I would like to hear from any reader of this page on any Bullmastiff UK Show Results shown or not shown.
I would also like to know if any of the dogs Pedigrees are correct
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