Merignac Corniche
Date of BirthOwnerBreeder
08/04/2002Davies - DaviesDavies - Davies

Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Copperfield Cicero CH Torneto vom Frankental (Imp) Hurricane vom Frankental Mercedes Jackadandy
Ebony Face Vom Frankental
Ladyface vom Franketal Not Known
Not Known
Ch Copperfield Snuffletoffle Maybrooks Follow Me to Strontium Marbette Master Sailor
Maybrooks Absolutely
Pitmans Good as Gold For Baveur Gucci Solid Gold
CH Pitmans Classic Lady
Morvern Nerys Morvern Laurence CH Maxstoke Monty CH Naukeen Heath Thyme
Maxstoke Cyriad
Morvern Ghislane CH Todomas Madoc
CH Morvern Elyse
Morvern Maryse Kingsreach Thundercloud CH Murbisa the Ferryman
Barclaydoans Lilybelle
Morvern Fauve Todomas Xerxes
Morvern Dulcie

Date ShowJudgeAwards
12/12/2003 Ladies Kennel AssociationMrs M RostronReserve Best Dog
Limit Dog
13/09/2003 Darlington Dog Show Society Championship ShowMrs M WildmanJunior Dog
17/07/2003 East of England Championship ShowMrs P Jeans-BrownJunior Dog
28/06/2003 Paignton And District Fanciers Association ShowMrs Zena Thorn AndrewsJunior Dog
22/06/2003 Blackpool Championship Dog ShowMr W BrittleReserve Best Dog
Junior Dog
15/06/2003 Border Union Agricultural Society General Championship ShowMr J BisphamJunior Dog
11/06/2003 Three Counties Agricultural Society Championship ShowMrs L CrowleyJunior Dog
25/05/2003 Bath Bath Canine Society Championship Dog ShowMr D MantonJunior Dog
10/05/2003 Birmingham Dog Show Society, National Championship ShowMr Douglas OliffJunior Dog
06/04/2003 British Bullmastiff LeagueMr J McCartenReserve Best Dog
Best Puppy
Puppy Dog
07/03/2003 CruftsMrs Jean LanningSpecial Puppy Dog
07/02/2003 Manchester Championship Dog ShowMr Dave WebsterBest Puppy
Puppy Dog
14/12/2002 Ladies Kennel AssociationMrs W M CoxMinor Puppy Dog
17/11/2002 Northern Bullmastiff Club 7th Breed Championship ShowMrs L Wade (Patchings)Minor Puppy Dog
25/10/2002 Midland CountiesMr Andrew BraceMinor Puppy Dog

All Results shown are only the main prize winners and 1st place in each class.
I would like to hear from any reader of this page on any Bullmastiff UK Show Results shown or not shown.
I would also like to know if any of the dogs Pedigrees are correct
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