CH Brogalan Solo of Oldwell
Date of BirthOwnerBreeder

Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Oldwell Hawke Bramarley Boris of Oldwell Licassa Lord Damen of Oldwell CH Oldwell Trumps
Licassa Lady Cassandra
Tartuffe Bullion at Bramarley The Ambler Gambler at Tartuffe
Tartuffe Fortuna
Licassa Lady Clara of Oldwell CH Oldwell Trumps Oldwell Oscar
CH Oldwell Carmen
Licassa Lady Cassandra Jostmaro Super Trooper of Gosscroft
Tartuffe Destiny of Licassa
Twynfields Heather at Brogalan Bournevalley Conan CH Oldwell Saxon of Bournevalley Oldwell Oscar
Tamara of Oldwell
Becky Falls at Seafoam Noirmont Admiral at Seafoam
Reyson Spring Beauty
Twynfields Heather at Brogalan Bournevalley Conan CH Oldwell Saxon of Bournevalley
Becky Falls at Seafoam
Twynfields Heather at Brogalan Bournevalley Conan
Twynfields Heather at Brogalan

Date ShowJudgeAwards
07/03/2003 CruftsMrs Jean LanningReserve Best Bitch
04/08/2002 Southern Bullmastiff SocietyMrs Karina Le MareOpen Bitch
20/07/2002 National Working and Pastoiral Breed Championship ShowMr Ewart GrantBest Bitch
Open Bitch
23/06/2002 Blackpool and District Canine SocietyMrs G ShasidBest of Breed
Best Bitch
Open Bitch
08/07/2001 South Wales Kennel Association Championship ShowMr K FrowenBest Bitch
Open Bitch
10/06/2001 Bath Bath Canine Society Championship Dog ShowMr Andrew MasseyBest Bitch
Limit Bitch
20/05/2001 Scottish Kennel ClubMr S W HallBest Bitch
Limit Bitch
09/12/2000 Ladies Kennel AssociationMr Barry BlundenJunior Bitch
07/05/2000 Welsh and West of England Bullmastiff Society Millenium Championship ShowMrs F A SommerfieldMinor Puppy Bitch

All Results shown are only the main prize winners and 1st place in each class.
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