Australian Shepherd Dogs
IR Ch Applethorns Antique Gold at Meitza ShCM CW06
  • 2nd Top Pastoral Dog 'Hills Open Show League' and 8th Top Dog 2004
  • Top Pastoral Dog 'Hills Open Show League' and 5th Top Dog 2003
  • Finalist Top Scottish Open Show Dogs 2003
  • 1st Australian Shepherd to Qualify for Pet Plan Junior Stakes Final
  • Top Puppy in Breed 2002
  • Silver
    17 August 2001

    Best In Show :11 Reserve Best In Show :6
    Pastoral Grp 1 :33 Pastoral Grp 2 :19 Pastoral Grp 3 :11 Pastoral Grp 4 :5
    Best Puppy In Show :2 Reserve Best Puppy In Show :1 Puppy Groups: 4         


    12-Aug-061st OpenMrs F KayeUpperward of Lanark

    06-Aug-06Pastoral Group 2
    BOB & Green Star
    Mrs J Crawford-Manton
    Mrs B Ladd
    Dun Laoghaire

    Green Star
    Mrs Salmon-WilsonBangor

    Green Star
    Mr BorgesSwords

    Green Star
    Mr JohnssenWorking and Pastoral Breeds of Ireland

    22-Apr-062nd OpenMr Drongan

    15-Apr-06Pastoral Group 3
    Green Star
    Mr S Oates
    Mrs D Francis

    17-Mar-06Pastoral Group 5
    Celtic Winner
    Green Star
    Mr Walsh
    Mr Thornton
    St Patricks Day

    Green Star
    Mr J KirkNewtonards

    Pastoral Group 1
    Mr S AtkinsonCaledonian

    28-Jan-06Best AV Pastoral
    Pastoral Group 4
    Mr K YoungBon Accord

    21-Jan-063rd Open DogMr CroftManchester

    07-Jan-061st AV Open Stakes
    2nd AVNSC Pastoral Open

    27-Dec-05Pastoral Group 3
    Mrs BaileyLivingston

    09-Dec-053rd Open DogMr QuinneyLKA

    19-Nov-05Best of Breed (Green Star)

    05-Nov-05Pastoral Group 2
    Mrs C J Redhead
    Working and Pastoral Breeds
    Association of Scotland

    23-Oct-051st Aust. Shepherd OpenMr HartDrongan

    03-Sep-05Pastoral Group 2Irvine

    27-Aug-05Best Rare BreedMr K D SinclairSKC

    20-Aug-05Pastoral Group 2Miss Dunn

    14-Aug-052nd Aust. Shepherd OpenNEW&PB

    31-Jul-05Pastoral Group 4
    BOB & Green Star
    Mr LawlessDun Laoghaire

    30-Jul-05BOB & Green StarBangor

    16-Jul-05Pastoral Group 2
    BOB & Green Star
    Mr A Mathews
    Mrs Baxter

    13-Jul-052nd Aust. Shpeherd OpenMr McManusPaignton

    09-Jul-052nd Aust. Shepherd OpenMr WildmanGreenock

    02-Jul-052nd AV Pastoral NSC OpenPaisley

    04-Jun-2005Pastoral Group 1Livingston

    28-May-05Pastoral Group 1Mr MoirCarluke

    21-May-053rd Aust. Shepherd
    Open Dog
    Mr BaileySKC


    Mrs J ConnorLand O Burns

    23-Apr-05BEST IN SHOWMr A HopeDrongan

    12-Mar-053rd Aust. Shepherd Limit DogMr D SmithCrufts

    27-Feb-05Best of BreedMr BaldwinCatrine

    Mr H OgdenIrvine

    20-Feb-05Pastoral Group 2Mr YoungCoatbridge & Airdrie

    06-Feb-05Pastoral Group 1Mrs J MairRutherGlen

    30-Jan-05BEST IN SHOWMrs J MairAnnandale

    03-Jan-05Pastoral Group 2Ms M RossKilmarnock

    04-Dec-04Pastoral Group 3Mr H OgdenWest Lothian

    28-Nov-042nd Aust. Shep. OpenMrs CollinsScottish Kennel Club

    27-Nov-04Pastoral Group 2Mrs CrossLand o Burns

    20-Nov-04Pastoral Group 2Mr HardingCatrine

    14-Nov-041st AV Pastoral OpenMrs CaldowLadies Kennel Association

    06-Nov-04Reserve Best DogMrs CollinsWorking and Pastoral Breeds
    Association of Scotland

    24-Oct-041st Aust. Shep. Open DogMr HambletonKirkintilloch

    23-Oct-04Pastoral Group 1Mrs Salmon-WilsonDrongan

    26-Sep-04Pastoral Group 3MrG FrancisGarnock

    25-Sep-04Reserve Best DogMrs A ChallengerBelfast

    18-Sep-04Reserve Best Rare BreedMrs B FlavellDarlington

    11-Sep-04Pastoral Group 1Mrs D FleemingLothian

    04-Sep-04Pastroral Group 1MrsIrvine

    14-Aug-04BEST IN SHOWMr J A Johnstone
    Mr B King
    Tayside, Lochee
    and District

    03-Jul-04BEST IN SHOWMr W DobbinsPaisley

    12-Jun-043rd Aust. Shep. Open DogDundee

    06-Jun-04Pastoral Group 1Mr T PaigeUpperward of Lanark

    05-Jun-04Pastoral Group 2Livingston

    23-May-04Pastoral Group 3Ms MalinowskiCumnock

    11-May-045th Aust. Shep. Limit Dog Mr R HawkinsScottish Kennel Club

    Mr KeenanWorking and Pastoral
    Breeds Association
    of Scotland

    24-Apr-04BEST IN SHOWMr RandallDrongan

    20-Mar-042nd AVNSC OpenMrs PhillipsWest Lothian

    20-Mar-04Pastoral Group 1Mr J RitchieClydebank

    06-Mar-043rd Aust. Shepherd
    Dog Open
    Mr J LuscottCrufts

    29-Feb-041st AVNSC OpenMr PollockCatrine

    28-Feb-04Pastoral Group 1Mr A EasdenIrvine

    22-Feb-04Quarter FinalsMr PrestonTop Scottish
    Open Show Dog 2003

    01-Feb-04Pastoral Group 1Mr J CrosbieGarnock

    31-Jan-04Pastoral Group 2Mr K YoungCaledonian

    24-Jan-04Pastoral Group 1Mrs PrestonBon Accord

    18-Jan-04Pastoral Group 1Mrs J HastieFalkirk

     Pastoral Group 2Mr R WilkinsonPaisley

    27-Dec-03BEST IN SHOWMrs Wheeler
    Mrs Leslie

    14-Dec-03Pastoral Group 2Mr RostronRutherglen

    Mr HarrisonWest Lothian

    30-Nov-03Pastoral Group 1Mr G MsNaughtClydebank

    29-Nov-03Mrs I McManusLand O Burns

     BEST IN SHOWMr M BaillieCumnock

    25-Sep-03Pastoral Group 4Mrs MahonDrongan

    28-Sep-03Pastoral Group 1Mr D SmithGarnock

    13-Sep-03Best Opposite Sex Rare BreedsMs P ClaytonDarlington

    07-Sep-03Pastoral Group 2Mr A Archer
    Mr J McManus
    Irvine & District

    23-Aug-03AV Rare Breeds Post GradMr E PatersonSKC

    03-Aug-03BEST IN SHOWMrs W MeeFalkirk

    20-Jul-03Pastoral Group 2Mr H SimpsonFife

    19-Jul-03Pastoral Group 2Mrs F KayeCaledonian

    12-Jul-03Pastoral Group 1
    AV  Stakes
    Mr R Cummings
    Mr A Skedd
    Mr M Hewitt

    29-Jun-03Pastoral Group 2Mr F WildmanCumnocks

    28-Jun-03Pastoral Group 4Mr K DoverDundee Canine Club

    07-Jun-03BEST IN SHOWMr Crapper
    Mrs McKenzie

    Mrs C McLeanLand O Burns

    26-Apr-03Pastoral Group 2Mrs ManleyDrongan & District

    20-Apr-03Pastoral Group 3Mrs A HutchinsonSelkirk & District Canine Club

    19-Apr-03Res Best Dog
    Res Best Rare Breeds Dog
    Mr D Manton
    Mrs C Coxall
    Working & Pastoral
    Breeds of Wales

    30-Mar-03BEST IN SHOWMrs R O'SullivanWest Lothian

    07-Mar-032nd Post Graduate DogMrs K AngierCrufts

    28-Feb-03Pastoral Group 3Mrs G HartleyLadies Kennel Association Championship Show

    14-Dec-021st Australian Shepherd
    Junior Dog
    Mr JamesLadies Kennel Association
    Championship Show

    7-Dec-02Pastoral Group 2Mrs Brokelhurst-EvansWest Lothian Canine Club
    Open Show

    23-Nov-02BEST IN SHOWMrs LuntCatrine Canine Club Open Show

    02-Nov-022nd Australian Shepherd Junior DogMr BaileyWorking and Pastoral Breeds
    Association of Scotland
    Championship Show

    26-Oct-02Pastoral Group 1Mrs S BrownDrongan and District Open Show

    18-Oct02Joint 8th from 30 FinalistsMr M Quinney
    Mrs C Coxall
    Mrs Z Thorn Andrews
    Pet Plan Junior Stakes Final

    Oct-021st Australian Shepherd Junior Dog/BitchMrs F MarshallDriffield Championship Show

    28-Sep-02Best of Breed
    Short Listed in Group
    Pet Plan Junior Stakes + Finalist 2002
    Mr J Stewart Belfast Championship Show

    7-Sep-02Best of Breed
    Pastoral Group 2
    Mrs M McKinleyIrvine and District
    Canine Club Open Show

    31-Aug-021st AV Pastoral NSC Junior DogMr B CadoganCity of Birmingham
    Championship Dog Show

    25-Aug-02Reserve Best AVNSC Dog
    Reserve Best AV Rare Breeds Dog
    Mr J McManus & Mrs P WilliamsSKC Championship Show

    17-Aug-02Best Puppy In Breed
    Best Rare Breed Puppy
    Mrs B BanburyWelsh Kennel Club

    28-Jul-02Best Puppy In Breed
    5th PetPlan Junior Stakes
    Mrs S Cooke & Mrs A MacDonaldLeeds Championship Show

    20-Jul-021st Australian Shepherd Puppy DogMr B GoodyearNational Working and Pastoral
    Breeds Championship Show

    14-Jul-02Best Puppy In Breed
    Pastoral Puppy Group 3
    Mrs L BurtenshawSouth Wales
    Championship Show

    30-Jun-02Best of Breed
    Pastoral Group 2
    Reserve Best Puppy In Show
    Mrs N Underwood & Mr B HillCumnock and District
    Open Show

    15-Jun-021st AV Rare Breeds Puppy
    2nd AV Beta Puppy Stakes
    Mrs A MacDonald & Mr D CoxallBorder Union
    Championship Show

    13-Jun-02Best Puppy In BreedMr J BisphamThree Counties
    Championship Show

    01-Jun-02 AV Pastoral NSC Post Graduate
    AV Pastoral Puppy
    Mrs A HutchinsonLivingston Canine Club Open show

    26-May-02Best Puppy In BreedMr P CookeBath Championship Show

    18-May-021st Australian Shepherd Junior Dog/Bitch
    Best Puppy In Breed
    Mr J McManusSKC Championship Dog Show

    10-May-02Best Pastoral Puppy
    Runner Up in Puppy Stakes Final
    Mr C Dowson & Mrs L StannardBirmingham National
    Championship Show

    4-May-02Pastoral Puppy Group 1
    1st AV Minor Puppy Stakes
    Mrs I Rattray & Mr J BisphamLand O' Burns Canine Society
    Open Show

    27-Apr-02Pastoral Group 4
    Reserve Best Puppy In Show
    Mrs N Birtles & Mr R TaylorDrongan and District Canine Society
    Open Show

    20-Apr-02Best Puppy In BreedMr S HallWorking and Pastoral Breeds
    of Wales Championship Show

    07-Apr-02Pastoral Group 2Mr Shutt and Mrs MartinMachars Open Show

    31-Mar-02Pastoral Group 3
    Best Puppy in Show
    Mr A MeaseWest Lothian Open Show
    Silver the puppy @ 10 Weeks
    Silver @ 4 Months

    Silver @ 7 months Runner-up Beta Puppy stakes Qualifying round
    City of Birmingham 2002

    Silver @ Pet Plan Junior Stakes Final 2002
    Silver @ 15 Months
    Best in Show Catrine 2002
    Silver @ 2 Years
    Best in Show Livingston 2003
    Silver @ 2 Years
    Clydebank Show 2003
    Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents

    BIS/AKC Ch Thornapple Diamond Rio (imp)

    Top Aussie in 1997 (USA)
    Top Confirmation Dog in 2000 (UK)

    AKC CH Bayshores Propwash Balderdash AKC CH Propwash Manape Ghostrider AKC CH Propwash Phantom in the Sky
    AKC CH Propwash Boomerang Tangrey
    AKC CH Batshores Propwash Lalapalooza ASCA CH Arrogance of Heatherhill
    AKC CH Bayshores Mi Lamay
    AKC CH Thornapples White Diamonds ROMXI AKC CH Propwash Hey Jude Toppers Levi Blues
    AKC CH Bayshores Lucy in the Sky
    Thornapples Scarlett O'Hara AKC CH Briarbrooks in the Limelight
    AKC CH Gold Nuggets Vinagrette
    Trijem Secret Affair at Deerhill (Imp)

    Top Confirmation Bitch (UK)

    Silver Birch th Real McCoy Hondo of Black Watch Las Rocosa Las Rocosa Little Wolf
    Just Sally Goddn of Blackwatch
    Las Rocosa Share the Glory Las Rocosa D'Ralph
    Las Rocosa Blossy
    CAN CH Touchstone Hotshot Executive AKC CH Touchstone Mercury Rising AKC CH Peartree Blue Moon Det'v Agency
    Touchstone Celestial Seasoning
    Touchstone Outrageous Fortune Blue Isle Peacemaker of Auriga
    Touchstones One for the Money